Sunday, August 01, 2004


How Bush Caused It: The Series

Since before Bush beat Al Gore in 2000, a loud coalition of post-USSR commie deadenders, corrupt bureaucratic trough-hogs, mealy-mouthed terrorist apologists, anti-Semites, internationalists, royalist elitists, self-proclaimed "anti-war" America haters, and balding-but-still-ponytail-sporting hippies, have been whining out a never-ending cacophony of accusations that the President was to blame for... well... for EVERYTHING.

Unfortunately, they never, ever give us the details on how he causes the world's problems. So KorlaPundit has ventured to answer this important question with this series of diagrams: How Bush Caused It:

The San Diego Wildfires

The Death of the Pope

The Rise of Dictators

Florida Hurricanes

Illegal Immigration



The Tsunami

I enjoyed reading all the problems Bush has caused throughout his term in office, but the one i like the most was the Pope's death, very creative and very funny. you put alot of the pieces of the puzzle together for me, and it all makes sense now.
This was quite an entertaining read. The diagrams were amusing and filled with great sarcasm. I like the nod to the chaos theory for the hurricane season, it was a good touch. The deforestation post was also really clever with the democrats really at fault. I think the tsunami post might actually be legit. Good work.
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