Monday, January 10, 2005


How Bush Caused It

Part 1 in a series

After the tsunami in Asia, some of us knew that as soon as the initial shock began to recede, the usual gang of loony goons would somehow blame it on the Lord of Darkness himself, George W. Bush. And indeed, there are now several proposals being put forth as to how America, and specifically Bush, caused the deaths of over 150,000 random civilians, including two or three who weren't Muslims. We started, obviously, with the Global Warming Consortium, making illogical noises about greenhouse gas and its relation to vulcanism, and how if only Bush hadn't killed the Kyoto treaty...

Then, of course, we had the pathetic whining about how Bush didn't rush to a microphone soon enough, and initial aid estimates were "stingy" and tenfold increases were only due to public humiliation, and were not based on revised assessments of damage and casualties.

The self-appointed Radical Left proudly rolled out this gem:

(from "Tsunami Disaster: Back-Door US Invasion?")

Yet on the ground, early reactions have been mixed. The gratitude that many victims feel for the aid campaign has been tempered by the perception that the Bush administration reacted sluggishly to the first reports of the calamity. Bush did not address the disaster publicly until three days after the earthquake and tsunami.

Yes. I'm sure that mud-caked Sri Lankans with no electricity or drinking water, with dead or missing families, with no shelter, and (I think) with no TVs, were standing around for three days waiting for Bush to come to a microphone.

The schmucks who push this junk don't care that within hours of the disaster, Bush had already sent aircraft carriers to the rescue. (Talk about beating swords into plowshares!) The Bush-bashers display such obsessive-compulsive behavior, they really need to be locked up in Arkham Asylum.

Now we have Jihadi Journalists insisting that not only did Bush cause the earthquake and tsunami, but that the hated Zionists were involved. Oh, and India, too:

The earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean on December 26, triggering a series of huge waves called tsunami, "was possibly" caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which "Israeli and American nuclear experts participated," an Egyptian weekly magazine reported Thursday.

Well, if Bush must be blamed for everything, from tsunamis to global warming, I think we need to come up with more reasonable explanations of just how he could accomplish such Herculean feats. Thus, we have a new series:

How Bush Caused It:

We have a website that was created during the Tsunami please let us know if any people there is found and we will delete themAfter the Tsunami
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