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Friday, January 21, 2005


How Bush Caused It: Unemployment

Part 3 in a series

It's all Bush's fault that businesses are closing at an alarming rate. (They are, you know!) Especially hard hit are businesses favored by socialists, ultra-liberals, and self-righteous activists. Vegan health food stores, militant anti-car bicycle shops, spiritual (but not religious!) crystal and tarot boutiques, and Che-championing Marxist bookstores across the country are closing their doors in record numbers.

Isn't it suspicious that the very stores that have been posting signs in their windows admonishing patrons to "Dump Bush" and to "Stop Bush's War on LIberty," and reminding passers-by that "We the People Say NO to the Bush Agenda" are the very same stores now displaying signs that say "Out of Business Sale" and "Everything Must Go"?

Well it is no coincidence. It is all Bush's fault:

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