Wednesday, January 26, 2005


A Message for the Losers

After their inexcusable behavior before, during and after the election, during the ongoing war on terrorism, in their never-ending treasonous attempts to subvert our democratic processes, and finally reaching the crescendo of their egregious treatment of Dr. Rice, I have a message for Senators Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry, Dayton, and especially Byrd.

This one's from the heart, for all of you crybabies:

Update: Welcome visitors from Argghhh! Enjoy your stay. If you haven't seen this treat from Halloween/Election Day yet, it might be your speed.

Oooh! You have friends! All my run away when they see the basement.


But then, Whack-a-mole is fun, ain't it?
Well, Secretary Rice needs to be ready for some tough talk during the next four years, and a couple of rude remarks from Democrat senators was par for the course. The Senator's rude remarks against such a gentle, black woman are not going to help them any. I think moderate democrats that hope for the success of women and blacks will remember the rude treatment for quite a long time. If there is a big battle of a judicial appointment, I think voters will let the Democrats know that such rude behavior is not welcome. I think the Democrat strategy of being nasty and har lined will fail. Good news for the GOP.
I agree. They haven't learned from the Daschle defeat that such tactics will only marginalize them further. Which is good. I hope they never figure it out until there are no Dems left in the government, and any with a lick of sense like Lieberman will break away and start a new Zell Miller Party.

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ROFL - Great stuff!!

Serioualy - I still find it amazing that 'they' (Boxer and gang, for example) get away with such nasty treatment of a fine, intelligent, professional black woman. Heck - of any person, whatever gender or color!
If the tables were turned - we would be hearing ALL about it, of course, from the media.
what is this website even about god you all are idoits if your for bush

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Now this is funny ;)
You people must be cheney/bush cronies. This would be the only place you can find work. Losers, greedy losers, all of you!
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