Thursday, January 06, 2005


Shocking Proof that Ghosts Exist!

We know from Dan Rather's own testimony that he has communed with the ghost of his hero, Edward R. Murrow, who haunts the third floor at CBS headquarters.

Now, with the imminent release of the report from CBS' internal investigation into Rathergate, Dan needs all the advice he can get from the spirit world. And last night, at perhaps the most stressful point in his career, Dan Rather was captured by the security cameras at CBS HQ actually communing with the very real spirit of Murrow!

I haven't slept since I saw this tape. You may wish to wait until the light of day before you dare to view it. IT WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL.

The ghostly images aren't obvious at first. You really have to get right up close to the screen and stare down the dark corridor for about twenty seconds before your eyes start to make out something unexplainable. I'm still not sure if there's some logical explanation for it.

See the security tape here. (Thanks to my anonymous contact in CBS Security for smuggling this out.)


(For the shocking inside scoop on exactly how Bill Burkett forged the infamous memos, check here.)

Update — from Ace of Spades:
I'm always amused by the comparisons between this story and Watergate. Dan Rather, muttering to himself as he wanders the halls aimlessly -- perhaps speaking to a portrait of Edward R. Murrow? -- is just another example that history repeats itself, especially if you're a retard.

I 'm wondering if anybody else has noticed the other portraits hanging in the CBS News "Hall of Heroes"...

Great! I love it! Those are some ghosts that I am sure haunt Dan.
Rod Stanton
Yes, Edward R. Murrow was only Dan Rather's Jacob Marley. Unfortunately for Dan, he never woke up in time for redemption.
That was HORRIBLE!

Leering, nebulous phantoms... Aaarghh!

You- you should have WARNED us!

I mean, more stridently than you did.

ok that was real dumb...duuuuh!
Ok that was just about the dumbest, most fake ghost video I've ever seen. GET A LIFE
No! No! This security tape was authenticated by the CBS News Document Authentication Department!

It's as authentic as the memo from Lucy Ramirez.

You're just afraid to admit that ghosts are real.
This will be real when pigs fly... but it is still funny!!!!
Pleassse.... What an asswipe!

The ghost of Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison?! Where? Gee, you must be seeing some REAL ghosts.
I can't watch it yet...

I'm waiting until morning.

I've seen that stupid BOO vid too many times, when the poletgeist face POPS out at ya...and it's telling me to "look closer, closer.." I don't trust it.
BTW, I hate you. I finally decided to just watch it.

And BOO it was.

I'm trying to swallow my heart back down now...

Why do you all do that? scary...
I stared down the dark corridor on the tape for well over the 20-second limit, but saw nothing "unexplainable." Could someone clue me in on what the ghostly phenomena are? Should I blink while staring? How close to the screen should I be? Please send e-mail to me at Thanks.

John Jayne
i swear i wont sleep for weeks....
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This is so fukin fake y do i waste all of this time if you wanna see a real ghost call 916 289 8999
Has anyone dialed the above number, 916 289 8999 to see what happens, since Anonymous said to dial it to see a real ghost? What, does the ghost have a receptionist to book appointments with it?!!!

I HAVE had authentic experiences with TWO ghosts, so KNOW they are real. I got freaked out both times, b/c it's so jarring to experience such contact. I hope if/when it happens again, I will not freak out and can keep from getting so scared.
i dont see it. when i load the page its just a bunch of pictures of people
Make sure your browser is set to display animated GIFs.

If you still have trouble let me know.
That is seriously the most retarded thing I've ever seen.
OMG that was so scary,not.this is so dumb.cum on a baby could tell that was fake.
That was so funny I forgot to laugh :rolleyes:
if that is real i'm a donkey, and i'm not those effect are pathetic!
Yeah, I'm sure these are REEL ghosts - like movie reel ghosts.
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