Friday, February 11, 2005


How Bush Caused It: Illegal Immigration

Part 4 in a series

In the past four years, the exodus of "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" has grown into a human tsunami washing over the porous U.S. border. And that wave of unwashed, unskilled malcontents brings with it all of the social unrest they believe they are fleeing.

They perceive their home south of the border to be a corrupt police state with a downwardly spiraling economy. They flee north in search of a better health care system, which they end up taxing past its limits. They invade in droves, and when they settle illegally, taking jobs away from the native population, they behave as if they have an inherent birthright to citizenship.

And now that Bush has made it quite clear that he is not serious about increasing border security, these undesirables are sneaking past customs in record numbers, and many of them are terrorist sympathizers! Why doesn't the President put a stop to this?

As you can see from this simple diagram, it's all Bush's fault. And it also explains, to a degree, "why they hate us":

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