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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Revenge of the Rebus

A part of the Rebus series

Today's rebus is a message to those brave Iraqis who this weekend will defy Zarqawi and his deadenders and go out to vote on their own future. Here's hoping they prove to the terrorists that the ballot is more powerful than the bullet.

Solution next week. Solution to last weeks Rebus:

"God himself could not sink this ship."

[Godfather - Father + Hymns + Elf + Kood + Knots + Ink + Ranthis - Ran + Shipping - Ping]

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Pseudoscience = Communism

This snippet from the Drudge Report says it simply and elegantly:

The bigger the lies get, the clearer the evidence to the contrary becomes. It's almost as if the gods of nature are sending us record-breaking cold spells and snowfall amounts specifically to slap some reality into people who may feel persuaded by the fake science of "global warming."

Never has a pseudoscience with so little evidence to actually back it up gotten so much mouth from world "leaders" and "reputable" scientists. There is no actual scientific measurement that can show any increase in overall planetary temperature over the past 100 years. They didn't even have measurements of most of the Earth's surface 100 years ago. Especially not down to the tenth of one degree, which has the end-of-the-worlders all excited.

These people should be drummed out of the science world as the outright frauds they are. But what is the give-away? What should tip off anybody with the slightest critical mind that the global warming science thinktank is a delusion-promoting scam?

The fact that they simply will not debate it honestly. They will not hear any alternative conclusion. Their belief is their belief, like any other religion, and you cannot dissuade them.

But this isn't just about scaring people into giving their alms to the church, like the old-fashioned Armageddonists. No, these preachers of doom are after a bigger prize: hurting capitalist societies. Their only goal is to make the industrial superpowers, mostly America of course, pay those less industrious countries huge fines for the imagined damage America does to the stratosphere. And who would these fines go to? Well, mostly socialist dictatorships, of course! All of whom, including China which is among the worst polluters, are exempt from limitations on "greenhouse gas" emissions.

So why have the pinkos taken up the cause of "climate change" as their ark of the covenant? Mainly because their previous "science," social science, has already been dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight, where it disintegrated like Max Schreck.

Those politicians who dance to the tune of the kooks need to slap themselves awake, and finally put their foot down and demand some actual evidence on these wild claims before placing devastating sanctions on our own economies. Somebody needs to get out there, and loudly unmask this fraud for what it is: total unadulterated commie bullshit.

Update: Re: "TWICE AS BAD..."   2 x 0 is still nothing.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


A Message for the Losers

After their inexcusable behavior before, during and after the election, during the ongoing war on terrorism, in their never-ending treasonous attempts to subvert our democratic processes, and finally reaching the crescendo of their egregious treatment of Dr. Rice, I have a message for Senators Boxer, Kennedy, Kerry, Dayton, and especially Byrd.

This one's from the heart, for all of you crybabies:

Update: Welcome visitors from Argghhh! Enjoy your stay. If you haven't seen this treat from Halloween/Election Day yet, it might be your speed.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Airbus Rebus

A part of the Rebus series

Gee, talk about your pathetic boasting:

"When we look at this monument of human achievement, we see that Europe can't be stopped," said Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero...

And this from the people who accuse America of "hubris." From the quivering lips of the wimp who caved in to terrorist demands and withdrew from the struggle against tyranny.

I get some very, very bad premonitions about the bloated European Airbus A380. Beyond the outdated notion of putting a Queen Mary II in the air, and taking thirty years to do it, this seems to me to be an exercise in unnecessary risk. Necessary risk is good. Putting a man in space had inherent risks. Building the Brooklyn Bridge had a pricetag in human life, including the death of its designer and the crippling of his son who took over. But this is an absurd concept, and puts a thousand people per flight in what I think is a metal Hindenburg.

And these are the same Europeans who whine and moan about the United States' consumption of fossil fuels. I haven't read anywhere that this aerodynamic behemoth runs on solar power. And if they fly without a full passenger roster, all they will be doing is wasting money and creating pollution (and noise), to show how superior they are to the American barbarians.

Well, I hope I am wrong, and this contraption doesn't end up killing thousands of people in short order, which would be Bush's fault I'm guessing. But what comes to mind is a quote of bravado similar to PM Zapatero's:

See ya next week! Solution to last weeks Rebus:

Klaatu Barada Nikto

[Cassius] Clay + Tuba + Ra + Done + Nick + Toe [Tic Tac Toe - Tic Tac]

Update: BitsBlog highlights the horror of Europe's denial of the problems with the Airbus 310, which can't seem to retain its rudder.

What was told the passengers, was that the US had refused to allow an emergency landing. I've seen reports in the frankophone press to this effect several times in the last week since this story came up. The reason given to the passengers and the press of course was the trade Embargo against Cuba.

See? I told you they would somehow blame Bush for their own technological failings exacerbated by European bureaucratic whitewashing.

IIRC, the loss of a rudder is what did in the Bismarck, another example of Eurohubris.

Friday, January 21, 2005


How Bush Caused It: Unemployment

Part 3 in a series

It's all Bush's fault that businesses are closing at an alarming rate. (They are, you know!) Especially hard hit are businesses favored by socialists, ultra-liberals, and self-righteous activists. Vegan health food stores, militant anti-car bicycle shops, spiritual (but not religious!) crystal and tarot boutiques, and Che-championing Marxist bookstores across the country are closing their doors in record numbers.

Isn't it suspicious that the very stores that have been posting signs in their windows admonishing patrons to "Dump Bush" and to "Stop Bush's War on LIberty," and reminding passers-by that "We the People Say NO to the Bush Agenda" are the very same stores now displaying signs that say "Out of Business Sale" and "Everything Must Go"?

Well it is no coincidence. It is all Bush's fault:

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


How Bush Caused It: Deforestation

Part 2 in a series

We all should know by now that Bush is to blame for the destruction of our environment, including deforestation. What are never described, however, are the details. Just how does Bush destroy the forests? Is it his policies? Is it some Halliburton contract to replace every tree with an oil well? Is it some covert assault on those other non-Christians: the Pagans?

No. It's this:

Saturday, January 15, 2005


Return of the Saturday Rebus

A part of the Rebus series

It's been a while since the last Saturday Rebus. Two months to be precise. The highly anticipated solution to the November 12 rebus was a parting message to Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat:

"I hope you burn in hell in a pool of bacon grease."

(Eye + Bob Hope + Ewe + David Byrne + In box + Helen of Troy + Apu Nahasapeemapetilon + Courtney Love + Kevin Bacon + Grease)

Starting today, the rebuses (rebi?) will be a tiny bit more challenging. They will include some movie trivia (including character names), obscure historical references, and some phonetic subtraction (ie, "money" - "knee" = "muh"). For example, today we have a famous quote from a '50s movie:

Note: If you get stuck, you can click on an image for some help. Solution next week. No, seriously!

Monday, January 10, 2005


How Bush Caused It

Part 1 in a series

After the tsunami in Asia, some of us knew that as soon as the initial shock began to recede, the usual gang of loony goons would somehow blame it on the Lord of Darkness himself, George W. Bush. And indeed, there are now several proposals being put forth as to how America, and specifically Bush, caused the deaths of over 150,000 random civilians, including two or three who weren't Muslims. We started, obviously, with the Global Warming Consortium, making illogical noises about greenhouse gas and its relation to vulcanism, and how if only Bush hadn't killed the Kyoto treaty...

Then, of course, we had the pathetic whining about how Bush didn't rush to a microphone soon enough, and initial aid estimates were "stingy" and tenfold increases were only due to public humiliation, and were not based on revised assessments of damage and casualties.

The self-appointed Radical Left proudly rolled out this gem:

(from "Tsunami Disaster: Back-Door US Invasion?")

Yet on the ground, early reactions have been mixed. The gratitude that many victims feel for the aid campaign has been tempered by the perception that the Bush administration reacted sluggishly to the first reports of the calamity. Bush did not address the disaster publicly until three days after the earthquake and tsunami.

Yes. I'm sure that mud-caked Sri Lankans with no electricity or drinking water, with dead or missing families, with no shelter, and (I think) with no TVs, were standing around for three days waiting for Bush to come to a microphone.

The schmucks who push this junk don't care that within hours of the disaster, Bush had already sent aircraft carriers to the rescue. (Talk about beating swords into plowshares!) The Bush-bashers display such obsessive-compulsive behavior, they really need to be locked up in Arkham Asylum.

Now we have Jihadi Journalists insisting that not only did Bush cause the earthquake and tsunami, but that the hated Zionists were involved. Oh, and India, too:

The earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean on December 26, triggering a series of huge waves called tsunami, "was possibly" caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which "Israeli and American nuclear experts participated," an Egyptian weekly magazine reported Thursday.

Well, if Bush must be blamed for everything, from tsunamis to global warming, I think we need to come up with more reasonable explanations of just how he could accomplish such Herculean feats. Thus, we have a new series:

How Bush Caused It:

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Shocking Proof that Ghosts Exist!

We know from Dan Rather's own testimony that he has communed with the ghost of his hero, Edward R. Murrow, who haunts the third floor at CBS headquarters.

Now, with the imminent release of the report from CBS' internal investigation into Rathergate, Dan needs all the advice he can get from the spirit world. And last night, at perhaps the most stressful point in his career, Dan Rather was captured by the security cameras at CBS HQ actually communing with the very real spirit of Murrow!

I haven't slept since I saw this tape. You may wish to wait until the light of day before you dare to view it. IT WILL MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL.

The ghostly images aren't obvious at first. You really have to get right up close to the screen and stare down the dark corridor for about twenty seconds before your eyes start to make out something unexplainable. I'm still not sure if there's some logical explanation for it.

See the security tape here. (Thanks to my anonymous contact in CBS Security for smuggling this out.)


(For the shocking inside scoop on exactly how Bill Burkett forged the infamous memos, check here.)

Update — from Ace of Spades:
I'm always amused by the comparisons between this story and Watergate. Dan Rather, muttering to himself as he wanders the halls aimlessly -- perhaps speaking to a portrait of Edward R. Murrow? -- is just another example that history repeats itself, especially if you're a retard.

I 'm wondering if anybody else has noticed the other portraits hanging in the CBS News "Hall of Heroes"...

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