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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


How Bush Causes Dictatorships

Part 6 in a series

We have heard for years now how Bush's war against terror would only lead to the rise of more and more dictators. Now the proof is in the pudding:

Sunday, March 06, 2005


The Rush to Believe the Worst

I have just about had it with the news media, which continues to report the story being told by the so-called "Italian journalist," who had claimed she was being "held hostage" by Iraqis, as a factual account.

And nobody questions the fishy and vague tales of Giuliana Sgrena, the anti-American "reporter" for the communist daily Il Manifesto, even when it includes things like this:

Suddenly, she said, she remembered her captors' words, when they warned her "to be careful because the Americans don't want you to return."

Nobody questioned the authenticity of her "kidnapping" when she appeared on an anonymous video that should have set off the "fish smell" alarms at the same news organizations that had reported the capture of American military man John Adam:

Rocking back and forth and struggling to hold back tears, Sgrena appeared alone in the brief footage, only her shadow visible on a white background behind her. In the upper left hand corner of the image, the words "Mujahedeen Without Borders" appeared in digital red Arabic script — a previously unheard-of group.

"I ask the Italian government, the Italian people struggling against the occupation, I ask my husband, please, help me," Sgrena said in French. "You must do all you can to end the occupation. I'm counting on you, you can help me."

The video was shown just hours before Italy's Senate started voting on extending the nation's 3,000-member military mission in Iraq until June.

Gee, "Mujahedeen Without Borders" sure sounds like it's Socialist European in flavor, doesn't it? And who does this "antiwar" leftist work for?

Il Manifesto strongly opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. It has fiercely criticized Berlusconi's decision to deploy troops to Iraq.

Well, that's an understatement, I can bet. This isn't the NY Times we're talking about. But that doesn't make anybody question the motives of this whining terrorist supporter.

And what about Nicola Calipari, the Italian intelligence officer who died in the car that wouldn't stop at the checkpoint? What's his story?

"Nicola Calipari was a beautiful person, a simple person. He was the person who freed me," Simona Torretta told ANSA on Friday as she left Calipari's home, where she had gone to pay her respects and meet with his family.

The aid worker was held hostage in Iraq for three weeks with her colleague, Simona Pari, before being released Sept. 28.

Gee, what a coincidence! This intelligence agent was also responsible for "freeing" the other two Italian women under mysterious circumstances last year! You remember: the two "aid workers" (aka human shields) who ran the pro-Saddam anti-sanctions NGO, A Bridge to Baghdad.

And what did Simona Torretta say about her ordeal when she returned to Italy?

... [she] said guerrillas there were right to fight U.S.-led forces and their Iraqi "puppet government." ... Simona Torretta also called on Rome to withdraw the troops it sent to Iraq to support its U.S. ally.

"I said it before the kidnapping and I repeat it today, ... You have to distinguish between terrorism and resistance. The guerrilla war is justified, but I am against the kidnapping of civilians."

Describing the administration of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi as "a puppet government in the hands of the Americans," Torretta said elections planned for January would have no legitimacy: "During my days in detention ... I came to the conclusion it will take decades to put Iraq back on its feet."

Now, I obviously wasn't in that car with Sgrena, so I can't explain why the driver refused to stop at the checkpoint, forcing soldiers to shoot out the engine block, but what would possess these people to do this?

I also was not at the "negotiations" to free the human shield, but why does it not raise anybody's suspicions that the same agent was involved in both cases, both of which involved antiwar Italian communists, all of whom praised their "captors," endorsed terrorist tactics, and condemned the United States and the Italian government that went along with it? If a million dollars was paid (through Calipari) as has been suggested in the earlier "kidnapping," then the government needs to examine his finances before and after the event.

No, not all of the facts are in yet, but isn't that always the case? The U.S. doesn't refute the claims of its enemies until after it thoroughly investigates the claims. This always gives the pro-terrorist propagandists time to spread ugly lies and breed resentment and rage towards the United States. This was a major public relations deficit during the war and has been the whole time since.

In the meantime — and this sickens me the most — the media needs to be a little more skeptical of claims made by people with obvious axes to grind.

Update: Powerline points out that this story "is another one that calls for interpretation beyond the available facts," while Roger L. Simon has it from the mystery writer's angle.

Update update: Michelle Malkin is also on the case (and she has a new headshot). The Jawa Report is covering the Hostage Hoax in depth! And more from Captain's Quarters.

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