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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The Mayor of Simpleton

Why is the mayor of New Orleans getting off so lightly? Words fail me. His absolute dereliction of duty, his sickening disregard for the helpless poor of his city, not to mention unwary tourists, and his abandonment of New Orleans to a slow death are simply inexcusable.

Why were there no fleets of buses to take those with no transportation to a safe location outside of the fishbowl? Why were the highways so clogged that people died waiting in traffic? Why did he not even bother to call the weather service until the governor called him, interrupting his dinner? (Of course, why did the President have to call the governor and tell her to call the mayor? But that's another rant...)

And why did he wait, even when it was clear that the end was imminent, another dozen hours, until regular business hours, before ordering an evacuation? By then, for some people who are now dead, it was too late. Sure, he put his own family on a plane to some distant safety. But for those he was sworn to protect, he promised them safety in the Super Dome. How cruel.

Can you imagine Rudy Giuliani doing something this incompetent and uncaring? This bum should have stayed in town, should have been a leader, dammit, and gotten those people to dry ground. So, again, why the free pass?

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