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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


They Called Them 'Students' in Iran As Well

Since the so-called Students Against the War so graciously gave us a way to contact them, at their email address, I thought I should take the opportunity to reinforce their belief that this war is immoral and we should not be getting involved in sovereign nations' affairs.

So I sent them this little note:

Here's why we should not be in this war:

Saddam wasn't bothering us! Why did we have to get involved?!

I will wait to see if these retards understand the concept of sarcasm. I guess they must; the very name of their little fascist gang is about as ironic as a name could be.

What would you say to this arguement? That if the U.S. overextends itself, we could fall...thus creating problems for our own citizens?
There are abuses all over the world..but our military is suppose to protect us.

I'm not a smart guy and thus don't consider myself pro-war or against the war...but I feel we can bear the burden of the world's problems.
We "can" or do you mean we "can't"?

In any case, defending this country no longer means waiting at our own shoreline for invaders to come. To protect ourselves, we have to prevent our enemies from getting their hands on the devices that can kill millions of us at a time.

Pretending these dictatorships are somebody else's problem is exactly how we got into this situation to begin with. We should have taken out the Ayatollahs before they got started. The taking of our embassy staff as hostages was a blatant act of war that Jimmy Carter chose to let slide. We should have bombed the crap out of them on the next day. Instead we had 444 days of humiliation and paralysis.

Look back to our very first post-Revolution war, which was against the bashar of Tripoli and his Moslem hoards. Lots of similarities to our current problems with the Moslem world. The history of that conflict should put to rest the notion that being nice and paying ransom will appease the barbarians. Even sending over the newly established Marines led to a settlement, some prisoner exchange, more ransom, and after a lull, the continuation of piracy.

The only thing that finally stopped the kidnapping of our merchants and imprisonment of our ambassadors was James Madison sending over the post-War of 1812 Navy fleet to totallly kick their treacherous asses. And that was that. It's the only thing that works.

You can't ignore cancer and hope it goes away, and say "we'll treat it when they put us on a respirator." That's called suicide.
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