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Monday, July 24, 2006


Aryan Olbersupermann

It is amazing how comfortable the left is with comparing every person they don’t like to Adolf Hitler. Funny, considering their current support for every fascist under the sun, and their steadfast insistence that America is evil for opposing them. But not funny in that it belittles one of history’s greatest sadnesses.

Keith Olbermann is taking things to new heights of embarrassment. Here he is expressing his own personal ratings jealousy/perverse man-crush, and perhaps trying yet again to get the attention of the object of his strange desires. But such so-called “liberals” have become numb to the seriousness of such men as Hitler.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to make fun of such killers. They deserve mockery. The Producers is a prime example of the correct way to mock a mass murderer. But to call somebody else “Hitler” with such a glib smirk betrays a callous and willful ignorance.

Maybe Keith would find this more funny:

Hmmm. No, not funny at all, considering that if Hitler was running Germany now, Olbermann and his MSM buddies would be praising how the trains run on time, and the U.S. wasn’t attacked by Germany, and how we can’t beat the Japanese because they are willing to die in suicide attacks, etc, etc.

It’s just freakin’ sad.

I've noticed that a lot from liberals. There is no mild disagreement with them: it's their way or the HitlerHighway!
and the worst part is his audience is growing! The more he takes down Bush and Co, the better his ratings. What's up with that?
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