Tuesday, April 18, 2006


They Called Them 'Students' in Iran As Well

Since the so-called Students Against the War so graciously gave us a way to contact them, at their email address ucsc_saw_web@lists.riseup.net, I thought I should take the opportunity to reinforce their belief that this war is immoral and we should not be getting involved in sovereign nations' affairs.

So I sent them this little note:

Here's why we should not be in this war:


Saddam wasn't bothering us! Why did we have to get involved?!

I will wait to see if these retards understand the concept of sarcasm. I guess they must; the very name of their little fascist gang is about as ironic as a name could be.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Gave Peace A Chance

We gave peace a chance, and all we got to show for it was this lousy T-shirt. Actually, I think the one on the right fits the "peace mom" much better, don't you?

How sickening is this woman. I know John Lennon was a big anti-war kind of guy, but I somehow think he would be revolted at the notion of this blatant anti-Semite, fascist-loving, oppression-loving, hate-mongering, old whore using his image to promote her lies of wanting peace and wanting to bring back the troops for their sake, or the macguffin she invented that she's sad about her son dying.

She's sad that he died for a noble cause, that he died for his country, that he died defending justice and battling evil. She's sad because in her heart she must know that he died battling her.

I think George Soros would get better bang for his buck if he would fire this old commie hag and hire some random psycho who's off his meds and ranting about the chips in his brain.

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