Tuesday, December 05, 2006


What We Need to Do in Iraq . . . Isn't in Iraq!

Instapundit asked the rest of us humble blog people our own thoughts on what new and different tactics the U.S. should be exploring to move us towards peace and democracy in Iraq. Here's my two cents' worth. But as many people already realize, our actions in Iraq can ever go only so far before they hit a wall.

The current war in Iraq, like many fronts of the Cold War, like the fiasco in Lebanon, and almost all modern wars, is being waged by proxy. The enemy in this war is not in Iraq. We could wipe out every so-called "insurgent" in Iraq, and not even touch the enemy.

We need to face the truth here. The enemy is Iran. They have been our enemy since the traitor Carter allowed the Shah to fall. Like all dems, Carter felt it was somehow divine punishment on the evil United States that our allies across the globe should be overthrown, and that our greatest foes, the Soviet Union and China should benefit from our many retreats. By allowing the Shiite revolution and the invasion and destruction of Afghanistan by the Russians, plus displaying an unprecedented cowardice and paralysis, Carter set up the table for the eight-ball shot we are facing today. He put all the ingredients in place for global jihad, including failed states for Al Qaeda to take root in. Also, his party's embrace of Yasser Arafat as a "statesman" led to decades of hopelessness in the middle east that was a petrie dish of brainwashed baby jihadis.

So the first thing to do in Iraq is in the United States: never allow a dem to take the reins of the U.S. military. Vote for Republicans, even if it's not Rudy Giuliani. We can't afford another wimp. Bush is too much of a wimp as it is. Another Clinton or Carter would be the end of it.

The second thing to do: confront our actual enemies. Give Iran the one thing that is sorely missing from this "war": an ultimatum. No more of this nonsense of having Euroweenie bureaucrats bargaining with the devil. These people want to kill us, even if it kills them. They don't care about using their nuclear and terrorist threats as bargaining chips to get concessions. They are on a mission from god to kill all infidels wherever they live, and god doesn't want no goddam half-measures.

We need to do exactly what we did with the Taliban and then with Saddam. Make a stern speech without the UN-sanctioned wishy-washiness we're hearing from the State Department. Iran: you have one week to stop arming the terrorist factions in Iraq, stop arming Hezbollah, stop arming Hamas, stop trying to make a nuclear bomb, and stop being a bunch of pricks. If you continue this stupid game, then you will find an end to our patience, and all diplomatic talk will be replaced with bombs. First the nuclear facilities that we know about. Then the oil fields. Then the nuclear facilities that we think we know about. Then the mullahs. Then every road, railroad, airport, dam, power plant, bike lane and porta-potty in the country.

Then, very important: do it.

Follow through with the tough talk. No more waiting for our other enemies Russia, China and France, to do any heavy lifting on our behalf. They are just as happy to see the U.S. suffer economically, militarily, diplomatically, and physically (as in millions dead), as they are to see us continue subsidizing their existence.

A sidebar to the ultimatum is to the lackeys of Iran (Syria, Hezbollah, etc) that they, too, are on the wrong end of the rifle. Any more trouble from them, either in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Israel, or anywhere else, and they will be attacked. Nothing so involved as in Iraq or Afghanistan. No rebuilding. No regime change necessary. Just a whooping good time for the Air Force boys. The real shock and awe we didn't get to see before. And keep it up until they and every other potential scumbag out there cries uncle.

The enemy has to get the main idea: don't attack the U.S. It ain't worth it. Then and only then will we be allowed to bring our troops home for good. Any compromise, anything less than total humiliation of the enemy, will only bring us further grief, whereas absolute surrender of the enemy will bring a better life not only to us, but to the miserable souls who have to live under the heels of tyrants.

Also, an all-out war is easy to get behind. The front at home is a lot easier to win when you aren't stuck in a mundane police action. War is hell, as they say, and if you try for a compromise, you end up in purgatory instead, which is worse.

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